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Eggstra Eggstra - A heads up

Sunday, September 24, 2006

(Zygote © 2006 Nika)

That time is almost nigh, the baby is almost done, his appearance is just around the corner. I may not be able to keep up on this blog as much as I have in recent times but its not because I bored with this, its just tiring to just sit at the keyboard! Photo shoots are also a bit more tiring than usual so its harder to get those going as well.

I am hoping to pace myself through the next few weeks to a couple of postings a week on both my blogs.

Dont go away! :-) I know you wont.

Eggs hold great potential and they hide special treasures.

Challah Project: Baking with your kids - 4

(Challah eggs © 2006 Nika)

Early gestation is a quiet hopefully calm thing.

egg - soft lighting

(Eggland's Best © 2006 Nika)

Sometimes gestation can make you batty

Easter Eggs 9

(Screaming eggs © 2006 Nika)

If you open yourself to it, it can be a transcendant inward spiraling journey

My Batik Egg - 1 best viewed large

(Spiral egg © 2006 Nika)

Or it can make you feel like we are in the End Times (sic)

HEAT egg

(Sidewalk egg © 2006 Nika)

All of a sudden, its all over and then other types of fun start!

cascarone: step 1

(Post labor © 2006 Nika)

Hopefully one ends up with a well cooked outcome

A study of an egg

(Heart o' Gold © 2006 Nika)

And not scrambled brains!

soft scrambled eggs

(A perfect scramble © 2006 Nika)

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