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Avian Funeral Services

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Image source: eFinch.com

Alas, our boy white zebra finch met a sad ending in the mouth of our cat Leo.

Bad Boy Leo - HFF!

Q is still angry with him and I understand that so we do therapeutic hugs with the cat every once in a while to help her get over it. She fills with anger and sadness and tells him he is a bad boy but gives him a hug and agrees its just cat-nature to want to eat the poor bird.

Q and her dad boxed up the bird and went to the back of our property for burial. She took along a camera and we have a few shots from the event.

She chose a nice spot, dug a hole, put the box with bird inside into the hole, put some flowers she brought for the service onto the box and they burned some incense. Then they covered the box and put leaves back over the site.

Here are the pics:

Photos of our land as they walked back to the plot.


avian funeral service 1


avian funeral service 2

The box

avian funeral service 3

The box with flowers in the hole.

avian funeral service 5

The plot covered up.

avian funeral service 4

No more birds for a while.

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Cheers and Jeers to the new economy

Friday, June 09, 2006
I am of a split mind on this new telecommuting world I live in.

I work 100% from home (tho not terribly well compensated, its all a trade off).

So does my husband.

We work, it seems, all hours of the day.

We homeschool.

We are hermits!

Our children are getting a "warped" sense of the workplace (wont be so warped when they are grown up I guess).

How can I tell? Look what my toddler is driven to do:

work at home toddler

She is a work at home toddler.

She doesnt play with dolls, she doesnt play much at her play kitchen like she used to:


She sets up her etch-a-sketch on her keyboard and gets a very serious look, and types madly on her keyboard.

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