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Fun With Science!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Emily at www.fun-with-science.com is such an inspiration! This is grassroots science education at its best. Emily and her family have designed and tested science kits for homeschoolers (hey, for anyone!) that bring together all the resources you might need to teach science.

Check out her site and explore her kits!

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This is My Blog on a grindstone

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just wanted to apologize for the silence here. I have been strapped to the grindstone and relief aint near. Am hoping to be able to post up some of Q's work tomorrow.

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American Science & Surplus

Monday, October 31, 2005

Just wanted to share this neat resource for scientific supplies. We often look for things in Edmund Scientific but for all the truly wild and fun check out American Science & Surplus!

Where else can you get things like:

Bacon Bandages!
Mend it with these bacon bandages. Or use them to patch ordinary cuts and scrapes with a bandage strip that you won't see on every other klutz in the office or kid in the classroom. Our each is an old-fashioned metal tin of (15) 3" bandage strips, each of which mimics a small slice of bacon. BONUS: A few of them end to end would make quite realistically disgusting scars for those costume parties. ADDED BONUS: A free tiny pink plastic pig in every box!
92725 BACON BANDAGES $4.95 / EACH Buy It!

No, it's never been in jail. But it could have helped crack a lot of cases using forensic evidence. Top-quality binocular microscope for advanced medical and biological research. Magnification is 60 to 1500X achieved with (4) standard achromatic objectives, 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X (the last being oil immersible, and the last two spring loaded.) Eyepieces are 10X wide field. The standard binocular head it comes with provides an additional 1.5X magnification, diopter and interpupillary adjustment. All lenses are multicoated. Includes coarse and fine focusing, large mechanical stage, and built-in halogen illuminator with abbe condenser, iris diaphragm and filter holder (two filters included). This is a superb product available to you at an excellent price. Made in Russia. As a special extra, we offer the monocular head below which is fully Interchangeable with the binocular head. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please contact our tech. department for extensive info on the phase contrast and the photo attachment.
90197 BIOCON MICROSCOPE $595.00/EACH Buy it!
27600 MONOCULAR HEAD $12.50/EACH Buy it!
14386 PHOTO ATTACHMENT $425.00/EACH Buy it!

Dichroic Wow!
Here's an amazing, top quality dichroic optical assembly at a fantastic price for those who know what to do with it or its parts. White light entering one end splits chromatically and emerges from the other with virtually no loss of intensity. The assembly includes an iris, a dichroic wheel with two color filters, an infrared filter mirror, and a rectangular quartz prism all assembled around a 60 mm aspheric lens. The whole thing would fit into a 7" x 7" x 9-1/2" box. It has got to have applications in the physics classroom for demo purposes, perhaps in the lab, too. We are guessing someone paid hundreds of dollars to have these dudes made.
$35.00 / EACH
Buy It!

Gear & Pinion
Talk about a heavy-duty set of straight-bevel gears! This is a takeout from an outboard motor. The set is made to work at a 90° offset angle, with a reduction ratio of slightly under 2:1. The gear is 5-5/8" OD, 1-1/4" ID. The pinion is 3-1/4" OD, 1-1/4" ID. Heavy. Nice.
33723 GEAR/PINION $12.50 / EACH Buy it!

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