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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

homeschooling online

(Q at the keyboard, getting ready for EPGY Writing © 2006 Nika)

Right now we are doing two classes with Stanford EPGY, Writing and Math. The writing class has a real-time didactic component once a week where Q sits down to a web served class. An instructor at Stanford speaks over the internet and also serves up various screen-based content as kids from all over the world listen in and also speak with their microphones. There are kids connecting from Europe and Alaska and I am not sure where else. About 15 or so kids are part of this course.

This photo shows Q writing up a book review to be posted to the class discussion board and also commenting on some of the other kid's posts. The level of writing and critique is set quite high, Q is having to work to reach up to the level needed.

Its great stuff, not always easy by any means. One thing that keeps her interested is the interactions with the instructor and the other kids.

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