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Eggstra Eggstra - A heads up

Sunday, September 24, 2006

(Zygote © 2006 Nika)

That time is almost nigh, the baby is almost done, his appearance is just around the corner. I may not be able to keep up on this blog as much as I have in recent times but its not because I bored with this, its just tiring to just sit at the keyboard! Photo shoots are also a bit more tiring than usual so its harder to get those going as well.

I am hoping to pace myself through the next few weeks to a couple of postings a week on both my blogs.

Dont go away! :-) I know you wont.

Eggs hold great potential and they hide special treasures.

Challah Project: Baking with your kids - 4

(Challah eggs © 2006 Nika)

Early gestation is a quiet hopefully calm thing.

egg - soft lighting

(Eggland's Best © 2006 Nika)

Sometimes gestation can make you batty

Easter Eggs 9

(Screaming eggs © 2006 Nika)

If you open yourself to it, it can be a transcendant inward spiraling journey

My Batik Egg - 1 best viewed large

(Spiral egg © 2006 Nika)

Or it can make you feel like we are in the End Times (sic)

HEAT egg

(Sidewalk egg © 2006 Nika)

All of a sudden, its all over and then other types of fun start!

cascarone: step 1

(Post labor © 2006 Nika)

Hopefully one ends up with a well cooked outcome

A study of an egg

(Heart o' Gold © 2006 Nika)

And not scrambled brains!

soft scrambled eggs

(A perfect scramble © 2006 Nika)

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  • A boy! Your girls must be so excited! It will be wonderful to have them, especially Q around to help :-) Best wishes to you all...

    I'll be checking in. The last weeks are so draining, relax and take care of you and baby.

    Huge hugs from all of us here.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 PM  
  • Thanks! Taking it easy is my middle name :-)

    By Blogger nika, at 8:03 PM  
  • Wow. I found you through Flickr. Great photos. I love your blog :)

    By Blogger Qalballah, at 3:19 PM  
  • So glad you stopped by! love your "about me"!

    By Blogger nika, at 9:37 PM  
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