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Wrinkle in Time done! - wrap up

Saturday, September 24, 2005
Meg met Mrs. Whatsit on a night in January. Mrs Whatsit said that wild nights were her glory. She went away and then in the morning Charles Wallace knew where she lived and led them there and they met Mrs Which there. They met Mrs Who too. Then they tessered into the fifth dimension and Mrs Which showed how they tessered. They went to Camatoz for Meg's father and they met IT. IT is a brain that took over Charles Wallace. He led them to her father and they got him out and tessered to a strange planet where they meet some beasts and they healed Meg because she was paralyzed. They tessered back to Camatoz to get Charles Wallace and went home. They fought off the black thing and went home!

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Bus Hours Saved SO Far!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Hold onto your seats kids. Public school has been back about 15 days and I have calculated how many hours my daughter has NOT ridden the bus in those days.

45 minutes one way (in good weather, good traffic)
1.5 hours/day
15 days equals 22.5 hours.

we have not wasted 22.5 hours of my daughter's life riding the bus, doing nothing educational and essentially being forced to sit still and blank out.

What a major bonus of homeschooling!

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The Great Books

Sunday, September 18, 2005
Part of our liberal arts education involves the consumption and critique of The Great Books. If you do not know what those are, check out these links:

The Great Books - Access Foundation
Great Books Index
Junior Great Books
Saint John's Great Books List
Great Books Index

From the Wiki we have:

"Great Books refers to a curriculum and a book list that came about as the result of a discussion among American academics and educators, starting in the 1920s and 1930s and begun by Prof. John Erskine of Columbia University, about how to improve the higher education system by returning it to the western liberal arts tradition of broad cross-disciplinary learning."

How its done at Saint John's:
"The Great Books Program is a curriculum that makes use of this list of texts. The Program as implemented at St. John's College involves a four-year set course of studies consisting of four classes:

* Science— Natural science from Aristotle to Einstein
* Mathematics— from Euclid to Einstein
* Language— Translation of Greek and French texts and study of poetry
* Seminar--Twice-weekly two-hour discussion of a work of philosophy or literature

As much as possible, students rely on primary sources. They are encouraged to conduct classes themselves, with guidance from a tutor."

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Nutrition .. is it easy as pie?

Ok kids, is the pic below your idea of a tasty, satisfying snack thats good for you?


I bet the answer is yes but not really, as you smile.

We are thinking of working with a local health-food store and naturepathic medicine people to put together kid-friendly classes that will aim to acquaint kids with 1) the unhealthy aspects of so much of today's snack/fast foods and 2) how to eat to support a life-time of healthy living.

Two huge things I want to teach is mindful eating and positive body image.

Will update here as progress happens.

If you have put together something like this already let me know! Would be interested in what you have learned.

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