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Electric Potato Writing

Saturday, April 15, 2006
Q continues to experiment with electricity! We picked up this electricity-food project kit and did this experiment where you cut a potato in half, coated it with Phenol Red and salt, stuck a lead in it, connected the lead to a battery (9 V) and then wrote with another lead. Q took all of these pictures!

HS: electric potato writing - directions

HS: electric potato writing - battery

HS: electric potato writing - lead-1

HS: electric potato writing - lead attached to battery

HS: electric potato writing - pink writing

HS: electric potato writing - pink writing 2

Q didnt really like this project. She said this:

"The potato experiment was't very fun. It only lets you draw on a potato and it makes it rot in one hour. It was disgusting. I didn't like it. It really smelled bad. The electricity thingy popped out a lot. That makes it even yuckier. It faded in 1 minute. It was frustrating. I lost an alligator clip. I don't recommend this for anything."

So she didnt give it a big thumbs up!

The kit also had a project that had you use two lemons (we used grapefruits, had no lemons at the time) and make electricity.


It didnt work for us (the red LED didnt light up). Must not be acidic enough, will retry with lemons.

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