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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Broad Curriculum Foci - Preliminary

Monday, August 22, 2005
To be deployed on homeschool wiki-portfolio/work space
croquet will be interactive portfolio and workspace as well

Broad curriculum foci:

chemistry - culinary
arts - digital and analog
literature - personal reading and digital journaling
philosophy - buddhist studies - 4 precepts, intro history, review of practice
manuscript - analog practice
biology - micro (digital review of molecular evolution etc) and macro (seasonal) - subtopic - evolution in biology, chemistry and social structures
politics - continue with PeaceWorks and daily analysis of impact of religious fundamentalism on general American experience (local and national politics monitoring and analysis)
physics - interactive real-world experience with First Principles
social - develop global croquet kids-context and deploy (timeline ~ several weeks)
time management - develop personal relationship and understanding of self-motivation re: self-education
computer programing - croquet, squeak, RL robotics
mathematics - EPGY, continue with previous level, geometry and topology, categorical thinking, drilling to keep sharp, break through aversion to symbological math (work on re-framing difficult problems)
creative writing - challenge and expand creative dialog and journaling
spelling - continue
language studies - spanish, japanese, arabic

Objective of this blog: develop concepts and community

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