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KD is beginning to homeschool now

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
KD's numbers

3 year old KD is counting everything, anything at all, including completely imaginary things. This is a shot of a piece of paper she wrote over as she counted to a 100. Hope you can see how she was writing in lines.

Auto-homeschooling is awesome.

KD in tutu

We have been printing a number chart for her to count with. She will, completely on her own, point to each number and say it out loud.

Counting table

find it here

As with most kids this age, she does it intensely, constantly, and completely. She will not stop counting until she hits her target (often 100).

Some of the things she counts are:
things she is eating
snow flakes
bits of playdo

She has to say a number if she sees it printed somewhere. That often gets her started again.

She is really getting place values. When she sees the number "35" she doesn't say "three", "five", she says "thirty five."

KD's numbers

The ONLY drawback with this is when it comes time for time-outs. We do them where the child has to count out loud.. this is now no longer the trial is was before!

Baby O continues his crazy self. He is getting better at being up on his tummy and doing pre-crawl stuff.

Here he is this last Easter.

Baby Oh curious but cautious

Easter Morning 2007

Q is taking a break from EPGY this trimester (most of the kids in her class are). We recently did some photo-safari in Boston's Chinatown.

Will post that at another time.

Here she is at Easter.

Q dying eggs

Easter Morning 2007

Here is KD on Easter too.

Easter Morning 2007

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3:22 PM :: 2 comments
  • I am a homeschooling mom to 3 boys. I just started here and am looking for fellow homeschooler.

    Yeah for KD! what a great stage of ife and learning

    By Blogger Kaber, at 6:12 PM  
  • Oh my goodness how big KD and O look :-)
    My little ones - 3 in June are counting everything as well. They are also writing some letters (easy linear ones H,A,O and numbers 1,0, 10, 11. I have those Carson Dellosa posters you can get at teacher stores for about $2 in their playroom. I have the numbers 1-100, The alphabet, shapes, colors, and word families (for my older son who has started reading now). I like how KD is writing in rows. My guys aren't doing that. We got them the magna doodles for Christmas and they love to write on those. They also like the chalk on the driveway. Here I go rambling...

    By Blogger Melissa, at 7:27 PM  
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