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Coordinate Puzzles

Saturday, September 03, 2005
We are learning about coordinate geometry.

Some resources include:
Cartesian Coordinates
Cartesian Coordinate System
Shodor Lessons
UNC Coordinate info

To ease into it, we are doing some practice on localizing points on a plane. One way to do this is with puzzles.

One example would be to work with the following number matrix: (5,0), (5,5), (0,5), (0,0), (5,0). The points are plotted with lines between them (like connect the dot) on the cartesian plane.

I have included below a number matrix for a surprise puzzle. If you figure it out post an image of your drawing in a comment!


(-5, 11)
(-6, 9)

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Last Alice Journal (finished book)

Friday, September 02, 2005
Final "Alice in Wonderland" journal picture.


Up close:


Alice had wierd adventures in her dream when she fell asleep. As her dream began Alice went chasing the white rabbit and went into wonderland. The white rabbit was going to the Queen. She found a mushroom and ate a bit and grew very big. Then she ate the other one and grew small. Then she went to the hatter and got very mad and frustrated.

Alice ran into the duchess and she led her to the mockturtle and she got a story and got mixed up. Alice had a croquet game with the Queen. Alice went to court and grew and grew. The pack of cards took the tarts. The Queen made the tarts and got very mad. Then Alice got to full size and insulted the Queen and she attacked her and she woke up in her sisters lap.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
We are learning lessons on nutrition, sanitation, cooking skills, math, chemistry, patience, and palate development by doing cooking projects at meal times.

This is the first project which entailed making Pigs-n-blankets. We wrote in a notebook as if it were an experiment and did photo documentation of what was done. These follow below.

Our equipment is pictured below:


Dogs all wrapped up and ready to go:


Dogs cooked; hot and steamy:


Plated up and ready to serve:


Kid Review:

It was delicious. I liked the way mommy wrapped one of them up. I usually don't like hotdogs. But they tasted nice. I liked the dough too. they were too hot to to really taste.

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Originally uploaded by nikaboyce.
Alice in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carrol

Brief Summary: Alice goes into a rabbit hole and has adventures.

9-1= read 6 chapters

Main Characters: Alice, rabbit, queen

Main Idea: Alice loses her learning and finds out that she can do it.

Plot: Alice has weird and silly adventures and shrinks and grows.

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Current Events

Some of the water is on fire in New Orleans. There was a food drop in the convention center. People are a bit better there. The super dome is being evacuated to the astrodome.
Thousands of dead people from Katrina. People are rioting in the streets.

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Biology: Tadpoles Day 1

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Objective: Observe and learn how tadpoles grow and develop.

8-30 was first day of recorded observations.

This is the habitat.


These are the two tadpoles.


This is the larger tadpole.


This is the smaller tadpole.


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HS: Reading - Eldest


Book Journal

Title: Eldest
Author: Christopher Paolini
Brief Summary: The next book in the Eragon books.

8/30 summary (23 pages read):

It is when Saphira promises to make the blue star whole. Eragon blesses Nasuada too. Nasuada becomes queen of the dwarves. Arya the elf blesses her too. Saphira will make the blue star whole. Eragon slays Durza and gets called shadeslayer. Durza was a shade. Nasuada's dad died in the Urgal battle and was the king of the dwarves before he died. Saphira had the ability to change stone to diamond. She did that with Broms tomb. Saphira can now shoot flame.

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