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Cheers and Jeers to the new economy

Friday, June 09, 2006
I am of a split mind on this new telecommuting world I live in.

I work 100% from home (tho not terribly well compensated, its all a trade off).

So does my husband.

We work, it seems, all hours of the day.

We homeschool.

We are hermits!

Our children are getting a "warped" sense of the workplace (wont be so warped when they are grown up I guess).

How can I tell? Look what my toddler is driven to do:

work at home toddler

She is a work at home toddler.

She doesnt play with dolls, she doesnt play much at her play kitchen like she used to:


She sets up her etch-a-sketch on her keyboard and gets a very serious look, and types madly on her keyboard.

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  • LOL, I don't blame her for being so serious... do you realize how hard the toddler stock market is these days? It's a zoo out there! ;)

    By Blogger Jo, at 1:30 PM  
  • Too funny! She does have a very serious look about her, doesn't she?!

    By Blogger Melissa, at 2:01 PM  
  • indeed! She has perfected frowing, its an artform. She types on the keyboard and frowns very seriously. Melts the heart.

    By Blogger nika, at 2:53 PM  
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