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HS: Reading - Eldest

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Book Journal

Title: Eldest
Author: Christopher Paolini
Brief Summary: The next book in the Eragon books.

8/30 summary (23 pages read):

It is when Saphira promises to make the blue star whole. Eragon blesses Nasuada too. Nasuada becomes queen of the dwarves. Arya the elf blesses her too. Saphira will make the blue star whole. Eragon slays Durza and gets called shadeslayer. Durza was a shade. Nasuada's dad died in the Urgal battle and was the king of the dwarves before he died. Saphira had the ability to change stone to diamond. She did that with Broms tomb. Saphira can now shoot flame.

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