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No snow days in homeschooling (updated)

Friday, December 09, 2005
There aint no cheesy snow days when you homeschool. You dont have to worry about your child being in an unheated school bus, with no seat belts, sliding on poorly plowed roads, riding for HOURS.

I used to walk through hip deep snow to the bus when we lived in Iowa. Frozen pant cuffs cutting my ankles then thawing and coating the same ankles with freezing water all day at school.

The only time we didnt go to school there was when it got down to MINUS 50 degrees F real temp and MINUS 80 F windchill factor. They didnt want us to breathe the cold dry air so we didnt go to school that day. Iowa can be more cruel than Alaska (lived both places).

Nope, we just snuggle up and go on with our day like its just another day (which it is).

Half-Way-snow 12-9-05

Happy Furry Friday!

White out! Its now snowing at a rate of 3 inches/hour.

White OUT!

Alls clear, a foot of snow and then the sky cleared, sun came out, and then the sun set. Kids got to play just a bit.



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