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Whew what a week, and a doozie is coming up!

Sunday, December 04, 2005
We have been working on breaking through some barriers and I think we are closing in. One thing about working with and around children, you KNOW they are NOT adults :-)

One beautiful thing about childrens's minds is that they are NOT adults and can be much more flexible about things.

Sure, tantrums can happen and oppositional behavior of all sorts can make your days hot with angst but if you remain constant (thats only fair), calm (hot headed mommas only get hot headed kids), and cognizant of the fact that its a continuum, both parent and child will likely move through rough patches without too much blood loss and with having learned a bit more about themselves.

On a lighter note, we are looking down the barrel of a Nor'easter this coming Tuesday. We are pretty much ready for anything, with our woodstove and wood pile. Power outage is better in the winter because we just take the food out of the fridge and put it in the vestibule, nice and cool in there.

Today we got about 4 inches as a pre-storm dusting. (Think of it as that crumb layer of frosting you put on a cake before the main frosting job).

the snow before the snow

Not all is cool and white, our christmas catcus has blossomed and is so very lovely.

Christmas Cactus Flowers

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and see you next week.

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