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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Writing (SparkNotes Daily Spark)
Writing (SparkNotes Daily Spark)

We do our DailySpark every day. A recent page was on foreshadowing. It asked Q to write a paragraph. She didnt stick to the suggested topics (inheritance of a fortune, downfall of a corporation, or the discovery of a crime) but did one on politics.

She wrote:

"A storm gathered as they walked to the rally. When they got there they waited and then they protested. Then someone broke out a mob. Then someone started a fire. They fed it until it was an inferno. It wiped out the whole city. Finally, the storm that gathered put it out."

Powerful huh? Depending on which side of the political spectrum you are planted, you will see this differently. I think she is hooking into a vision of a rather violent social correction for a corrupt system. She mixes real world experience (rallies and protests) and sims game experience (mobs, catastrophies, etc) to come out with something that is rather interesting.

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