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Science - Polymerization

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Today, we broke open a new science kit that related to the polymerization of several chemicals including polyvinyl acetate (opaque laundry starch), polyvinyl alcohol, and sodium tetraborate (borax) (the polymerizing agent).


First Q examined the liquid qualities of polyvinyl alcohol and then she added the sodium tetraborate. She watched it change and become a very goopy and interesting goop.


Next she added the sodium tetraborate to the polyvinyl acetate, watched it change, and then got an opaque goop that felt more slimey than the previous one and it was slower to goop about.


Finally, polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol were mixed and then polymerized. Q saw that it didnt form a new mix but rather that each chemical polymerized to itself, bringing each out of solution seperately.


This was a great kit and we have lots left over for out-of-the-box experiments too!

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