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Apple Pie Pastry Purses

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Like I said earlier, we started on our Thanksgiving prep today and we just finished our desserts!

Q made these pastry purses. Arnt they yummy!





(Recipe, as per request. This is not meant to be a professional recipe :-) and I made it up myself. As you can see, its not hard to do)

This is quite easy, the hard part is not eating them immediately.

My 9 year old made the ones you see above.


- Store bought pastry dough (I have made this from scratch before and it IS good but I was not in the mood to make pastry dough for like three days straight).

- Apple Pie Filling in a can

- Egg wash (make 30 mins before baking (or overnight) - 1 egg, some salt, a bit of milk to thin.. beat the bejezuz out of it, let sit in fridge 30 mins)


Preheat oven to 400F

Cut squares of pastry dough (dunno - 3 inches per side?), roll out a bit, cut little strips too for the purse. Keep these as cool as possible and re-fridge it all before baking.

Put a dollip of apple pie filling in center, bring opposite corners of square together and then pinch just so to form them into little purses, add the "string".

Brush with egg wash, spring with granulated sugar.

Put on cooking sheet with parchment paper, cover with foil, bake until they look like the pic above. This varies per oven, make sure not to burn the little guys (check often). Dont take out too soon else you will have raw dough in the neck of the purse.

Let cool a bit or they will burn you when you bite into them. Keep them from humidity while storing.

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  • Can you post the recipe?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:25 AM  
  • Sure thing, take a peek above, added it to the post.

    By Blogger nika, at 10:13 AM  
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