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Native American History Pocket

Thursday, November 17, 2005
(sorry for not posting a few days, been balancing homeschooling with the job hunt - telecommuting stuff - so the blogging has had to go to a non-primary status)

Today Q, other than her Spanish, math, and English, did the Native American part of her "Colonial America" History Pocket.

I wanted to share the work she did here! (We listened to Carlos Nakai while doing this)

This project had her making an ear of corn that told of the Three Sisters, a homemade Native Languages - English language dictionary (with illustrations), a bookmark with some facts, and she learned a bit about peace treaties. She knows better than the average propaganda on this as she has read in Zinn's "A people's history" about the way whites treated native peoples in colonial and later times.

Exterior of pocket

hs-NatAm 1

Interior of book/pocket

hs-NatAm 2

The Three Sisters

hs-NatAm 3

Bookmark with some facts

hs-NatAm 4

Native Languages - English dictionary - exterior

hs-NatAm 5

Native Languages - English dictionary - interior - muskrat and opossum entries
hs-NatAm 6

Some information about a peace treaty

hs-NatAm 7

Q writes out the conditions

hs-NatAm 8

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