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Waking from hybernation

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
This last weekend Q and I got out of the house and went out to find a flea market or yard sale. Mostly we wanted some exercise and sun. The sun was amazing! As is usual with our trips to yard sales and flea markets, we bought exactly nothing! But we did take along a camera and Q did a bit of a photo-essay of the trip.

First off, we drove a WAYS to a flea market in Charlton that turned out to be a major let-down! It was one of those markets where you dont see any real antiques or anything of interest but lots of new socks, assorted cheap junk, and shampoo.


Q has sharp young eyes and so she caught stuff on camera that I didnt even notice!




The wonderful thing about this flea market was not the market at all. It was the horse ranch right next to it. We spent some time with the horses.



After this, we found a really scrappy yard sale that had much more interesting things to shoot.





Q found some tiny wrenches that she wanted a pic of.


KD got out into the sun too!


I would say that Q took some beautiful pictures and has a good sense for composition and subject. We will definitely go out on photo expeditions again soon!

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  • Great photo essay Q. What a wonderful idea. Love the horses... I've been riding since before I could walk :-)

    By Blogger Melissa, at 1:02 PM  
  • Q says thanks and wow! re: riding horses before walking. She is jealous :-) I need to find some local low-key riding lessons for her to get a chance to experience horses.

    By Blogger nika, at 1:25 PM  
  • What great pictures! I know for a fact those are better than anything I could ever take. Quite a talented photographer you have there.

    I know what you mean about flea markets these days, they seem to be more like junk markets than anything else.

    By Anonymous Jo, at 12:01 PM  
  • Jo, Thanks! Q says thanks too. We live by the biggest antique show in the US (Brimfield, MA) so we are not too bummed. We will go to the show this next week and get better shots then. Stay tuned!

    By Blogger nika, at 2:24 PM  
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