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Noggin Nemesis - The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets

Sunday, May 14, 2006
KD photoshoot 2

Must .. Block .. Backyardigans ... before I completely lose my mind.

Noggin, the Nickolodeon preschool channel (best part = ZERO ads), has lots of good stuff that is consistently within the developmental range of our toddler. It is much appreciated but I MUST find a way to block to the following shows: The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets.

Why you ask?

Because they DRONE ON in monochromatic and repetitive melodies (on different topics) that would serve well for torture interrogation techniques (that would contravene the Geneva Convention for sure).

Don't be mistaken by the good review for wonder pets in it's wiki-entry. A chimp could write better and DIFFERENT scores for these episodes (and THE SAME THING HAPPENS IN EACH ONE).

I can imagine that if they had the Backyardigans or Wonder Pets to blast during the Waco siege, we would have had a different outcome. Everyone would have run for surrender on the first day.

A beautiful example of a musical show that totally GETS it and doesn't make you want to rip your eyelids right off your own face is Jack's Big Music Show. My goodness its like comparing twinkies to apples, saccharine to fructose, ABBA to New Order, ok, I think that's far enough.

I must figure out how to block individual shows on a satellite channel without blocking the entire channel.

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  • If you figure it out please let me know... Miffy too.
    My son now sings "What's gonna work, teaaaamwork!" Agghh! That and "Stomp, stomp, stomp, stopming that yeti stomp." Which I admit I did like at first, but has lost it's appeal after the millionth time.
    Then he goes on the computer and listens to Nick Jr radio...but, mostly Lazytown.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 11:33 AM  
  • LOL! Yeah my toddler would say yeti yeti yeti for no apparent reason but thankfully she is over that. It did seem sweet at the time.

    If either child even BEGINS to sing the teammork thing I interrupt and admonish them is sharp terms that under NO circumstances is that EVER to be said in this house! The older one usually giggles and says it quietly to the toddler to get her to say it again.


    By Blogger nika, at 7:39 PM  
  • Wait untill you've seen EVERY Jack's Big Music Show EVER. I can sing "Under a Shady Tree" in my sleep and my two year old insisted that all our easter eggs had Baby Bongo Birds in them (grosss)

    By Blogger Jenny, at 9:21 PM  
  • LOL.. I think we are close to being there :-) love the little tap dance they do with their precious little feet that the beginning of the show :-)

    By Blogger nika, at 10:54 PM  
  • I L O V E the Wonder Pets. It is the BEST!!

    By Anonymous Ming-Ming, at 5:44 PM  
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