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Save the Internet protest day - May 16

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Save the Internet: Click here

"What we have here is a failure to communicate" - Captain, Road Prison 36 "Cool Hand Luke".

Ok, maybe not YET but it may be on the horizon.

We global blogizens assume that the internet is a democratic and free space. Its not and there are market pressures at the hubs of the large backbone providers to split the internet into first class commercial citizens and second class proletariat.

Just to clue you in, we are the proletariat.


Not just because we are wage slaves, per se, but because we are not huge multinational corporations willing to pay bucks to hardwire a distinction between them and.. well... US.

How you say? Seems that the backbone providers are offering to split the "pipes", giving the big guys fast service and the rest of us slow service.

On first principles, this is offensive but not surprising. A multinational corporation will be a multinational corporation, bless their little ferengi hearts (NOT).

On second principles, it brings we proletariat closer to obsolescence, something we are rising out of with the current net.

Today is a net-wide protest against this change. You too can spread the news by blogging about it at your blog.

Get your blogging tools at this link

Learn more about it:
Save the Internet
Sign up your blog as part of the protest
Robert Reich on this issues

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