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Spring recital

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
In mid May Q had her recital and post-recital auction. We spent the morning in western MA at the Sirius Community where they hold a permaculture course and have an amazing meeting center, organic gardens, alternative houses (like straw bale buildings), and a greenhouse.

We got lost on the way but were able to take a pic of Q in front of the Quabbin Reservoir!

Q at the Qabbin

After the morning at Sirius we RUSHED to Brookfield, MA for our recital and festivities.

May piano recital - at the piano

This was after the recital, no pics during the performance.

Recital auction goods

Goodies for the auction.

Recital auction begins

Counting her "composer bucks" that she earned throughout the year by practicing and listening to suzuki music.

Q got quite a lot actually including a really cute piggy bank of a pink pig with a tu-tu on it.

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