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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Wow, its been quite a few days since my last post and look whats happened!

We continue to homeschool and adjust to baby-ness as part of the management of homeschool. Baby O is 5.5 weeks old now and very used to the chaos. He takes it better than I do most of the time. Heck, if I could lie down in a cozy bassinet and shut my eyes, I would be able to cope with the chaos too.

I got KD a cabbage patch newborn some weeks before Baby O was born. Since the birth she has gotten a bit more into the nurture thing (as much as she needs to). Today I found the following scene!

What I found

Cute huh?

Well, when KD saw me shooting this, she decided she didnt want all that attention on some cheesy doll and smelly newborn so she did this:

Sister takes away her baby

Cant blame here! She is too cute to not shoot too :-).

I know you caught me

Q has been proceeding with EPGY Writing and is starting a 7 week project on writing an essay relating to something that is controversial. We/she chose EVOLUTION and the whole misguided "controversy" around it. It will be an excellent introduction to the politics of absurdity that America wades through on a daily basis. She will learn about queer perversions like Creationism and "Intelligent Design" (sic).

We had an election. America decided that its ALL about the corruption (thats my take home message). America decided its time to actually take its vote seriously and vote the BUMS out. Thankfully, thats what happened! The amount of angst and focus and anger that got us as a nation to the message we were able to send on Nov. 7 may translate into an electorate that will ride the new pols like the donkeys they are so that we get GOOD government. A government that is of and for the PEOPLE and not of and for Halliburton.

So with that in mind, we took this picture.

Thank You America!

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  • Hi,
    Just browsing and I stumbled upon your blog. We also homeschool. You can read my blog at http://www.astreil.com .I was dissapointed that I couldn't read the links and info on the right sidebar :-(.
    See ya soon,

    By Anonymous Astreil, at 7:46 PM  
  • Astreil: thanks for stopping by. WHy could you not read the right bar? What do you see?

    By Blogger nika, at 9:13 PM  
  • Q's upcoming essay project sounds really interesting. I would love to hear more as she works on it. We are big time into Evolution in this house. Can't wait until the boys are big enough to be interested. Boston Museum of Science is having a Darwin Exhibit coming up soon. Please keep us updated on Q's progress.
    Wasn't that election awesome :-) if only it goes that well in 2008...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:02 PM  
  • Congrats on the new baby who looks adorable. Glad he is adjusting well.
    Your daughter seems to really get a lot out of the writing program. Hope you are taking some time to chill on the cott with the baby occasionally.

    from relaxed homeskool

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27 PM  
  • Melissa: Whew.. its been ages since I have had much of a chance to delve into my waiting comments! Sorry!

    Yeah.. not sure we are going to make it to the BMOS.. :-( I will post Q's evolution essay soon.

    Kim: thnx re - congrats.. I get lots of baby-mommy time while I am feeding the little guy.. no worries! I am finally getting energy back but the kids can tell so they are amping up their needs so I can never get ahead!

    By Blogger nika, at 12:35 PM  
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