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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
color cast change

(KD in the sun © 2006 Nika Boyce)

We didnt start homeschooling Q until 4th grade and we had been through a painful process that turned out to be pretty unproductive in the local schools. In the end even the teachers, counselors, and administrators agreed that homeschooling was the best fit solution.

As a result, Q has quite a lot of difficult deschooling to do. Heck, we all do.

KD, at 3 years, is fresh and unspoiled by the "system" and is also, obviously, a completely different child! It is so much fun to get her into more structured learning experiences because she reacts to it without any negative bias. Unbelievably refreshing. This is common to all little ones at this age, homeschooled or not. Its what allows them to learn so well. I wish I had given that gift to Q but hindsight is mostly 20/20 and we have learned a few things through Q's experiences that help with KD.


(Q doing her Hiragana © 2006 Nika Boyce)

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  • Awesome! I just started Calvert Pre-K with Max this morning and Alex and Nicky joined right in too. He did two lessons and wanted to go on, but I didn't want to overload him. He loves to learn new things, is writing his name now. He drew the coolest picture of "the little red hen" (I posted on my blog) It was a very exciting "official" started to his pre-k year. We also finally got in to the homeschool co-op in our area! They took all three boys. We go every Tues morning. It's great to be around other people finally!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 PM  
  • that co-op sounds great! So glad to hear about the excitement there.. :-)!

    By Blogger nika, at 6:42 PM  
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