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Wales Old Home Day

Friday, August 18, 2006
Wales Downtown

Downtown Wales

Wales had it's "Old Home Day" this last weekend (was a stunning day) and Q and KD got to get out of the house and have some fun.

Q and KD in jumpy house

Jumping together

KD's first tattoo - aged 3

KD's first tattoo - aged 3

Q on gyro - 1

Q on a gyro

Q on gyro - 2

More gyro

Q on gyro - 3

Even more gyro

KD enjoying the day

KD and her awesome dolphin balloon

Other shots around the village of Wales (mid-spring)


Wales, MA old town hall

Wales mill pond - downtown

Wales mill pond - down town

Wales Public Library

Wales Public Library


Lake George

Wales Town Church - Saint Monica's

Village Catholic Church

Wales Town Center sculpture

Town center sculpture

Wales Cemetary 1

Entrance to original Wales cemetary

Wales Cemetary 5

Inside the cemetary

Wales Cemetary 7

Marker in the cemetary

Wales Cemetary 8

Old slate grave marker (1785)

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