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Disney's and ABC's "Path to 911" propaganda - what you can do

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Terror Porn: Disney ABC

(Graphics credit: fubar of Needlenose)

Terror Porn: Disney ABC

How is this anything but Terror Porn?

As distributed from DailyKos


A large rebuttal project is underway to combat the lies that will be broadcast on ABC tonight. We need your help NOW. There are only a few hours before a bare-bones site must go live.

The site will be at http://thepathsince911.com, with many other similar domains purchased by generous Kossacks redirecting there, as well.

You can help now by doing some distributed research for content. It is good to post here, but please also go to the message board set up specifically for this project:


Register there and help flesh this thing out.

Also, if you have any special skills to contribute, or iron-clad, crashproof server space, etc., please e-mail anothermassachusettsliberal, who is coordinating the team.

Here is what we need you to collect:

- Links to Statements/Letters of Objection
- FALSE Reviews/Articles: Defamation Accomplished
- Links to Primary Source Documents
- Links to ABC/Disney Statements
- Timeline Links
- Links/Info for Actions to Take

In addition, you can also help with the following:

- Ideas for content, organization, navigation, etc. Brainstorm.
- Purchasing likely domain names and forwarding them to the site above.
We only have a few hours to do this. We want something basic and live by the time the movie airs.

YOU can help make this happen.

(AnotherMassachusettsLiberal (the site developer) will be along later to post, as well. Please pardon a bit of repetition today. The time crunch is vicious on this one.)

Update: Please DO feel free to spread the word to other friendly sites. I don't have time to post everywhere, so I need your help in gathering volunteers. Try not to be obnoxious about spamming, of course.

Terror Porn: Disney ABC

Terror Porn: Disney ABC

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