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History Pockets

Monday, November 07, 2005

Today we are starting on a workbook I found at Barnes and Noble called "History Pockets: Colonial America"

Its nice in that it has some good get-started directed exercises and will be nice as a run up to Thanksgiving. Am thinking about then taking Q to Plimoth Plantation (Plymouth Rock on the coast of MA) to do the pilgrim re-enactment thang.

Check out this image, I think I want to be a part of this! Hmm.. Maybe we will dress up for this thanksgiving!

They have a great online section called "You are the Historian" where you can explore this time period.

They also have this amazing "Educator's Resource Pack" thats $15.04.

Other packs can be found here.

Tell me if you have found other good unbiased interactive stuff on this theme (online or off) for the 4-8th grader range!)

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  • I must encourage you to make the trek to Plimoth Plantation...you won't be disappointed. It is one of the most amazing living history museums we have ever seen! Enjoy!

    By Blogger Mother Crone's Homeschool, at 3:04 PM  
  • Thanks!! We will, I just wish it were closer. True, we live just a few miles from Old Sturbridge Village but we have done that time period MANY TIMES now! :-) I am looking forward to Plimoth Plantation.

    By Blogger nika, at 10:19 AM  
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