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The Amazon Goddess Cometh

Thursday, November 10, 2005
I love to see the Amazon boxes come in the mail :-) I know, its an expensive habit, but I prefer to own my books than to borrow. Borrowing from the library always twists my insides. I think about stern librarians and pissy staff members who give me judgemental looks. Only place I get worse treatment is at the dentist!.

ANYWAYS, back to the Amazon fetish.

This week, the Amazon Goddess brought us several books, including this amazing workbook "Exploring the Shape of Space" by Jeffrey Weeks, an adjunct to his text "The Shape of Space". This workbook even comes with a CD ROM with further materials!

We also got a great source book for mathematics called "Math on Call: A Mathematics Handbook"

One uses this book in the following ways:
* low key browsing (lots of nice but not irrelevant graphics)
* If stuck on a problem (how to approach a problem) parent or child can use this as a reference
* Child uses this as a reference to also build self-researching skills so that they do not feel that the parent is the only source of solution re: a block in some homeschooling activity!

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  • I find I use a mix of library and Amazon.com. When I hear about an interesting book or a good friend recommends a book, I'll get it from the library. The ones I really like I'll then get from Amazon.

    And interesting side effect of this is I tend to read more of the books I get from the library, because they are due in three weeks. The ones I get from Amazon, which I haven't read yet, can sit on my shelf for months, or even in some cases years.

    By Blogger Henry Cate, at 12:58 AM  
  • All good points :-) I actually like finding those books that I didnt get to read right away tucked up in the book shelf some time later. Its like easter eggs :-) only they dont rot when you cant find them right away!)

    I adore being IN the library and browsing the books, sitting in the beautiful places they make for us. Its the human aspects that I have clashed with. Also, I tend to be sorta rough on the books I read (paperbacks that I take into bed wth me to read as I fall asleep.) so this is further no-no re: librarians.

    By Blogger nika, at 8:23 AM  
  • I wish B&N had carried this in hardcover. We've been using ours for many years and it is tattered. There is nothing better than a good resource book.

    By Blogger Kara, at 2:32 PM  
  • Kara,

    You are so right, its new but already showing some bent pages! I love the colorful illustrations in it.

    Hope your back above the weather these days!


    By Blogger nika, at 3:10 PM  
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