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Wired! Fun with electricity

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
We found a quickie science project at Michaels the other day called

"3 in 1 science kit - Wired" put out by the Wild Goose Company.

This has a few alligator clips, a circuit board, copper wired, an LED light, and a battery connector.


As suggested in the wired book, Q made a testing circuit with an LED light as indicator of a closed circuit. She then placed various test items in the testing loop and looked for whether the LED lit up or not. If it lit up then the test item conducted electricity!

Some of the things Q tested were:


Well water (weak positive)

Salt water (strong positive)


Milk (medium positive)


Orange Juice (VERY STRONG positive! Who could guess that huh?)


Test Paper strips with:

No water (no signal)

Well water soaked (middle strip, weak positive with leads very close to each other)

Salt water soaked (bottom strip, strong positive with leads very close to each other)


Oil (no light at all)

Ceramic (nothing)


A basil leaf (extremely weak and very close to the other lead but definitely some current)

She tested a cast iron pan and was not able to get any light at all!


A stainless steel measuring cup (VERY STRONG!)

She tried dry salt and that was conductive too, even without liquid.

This was a super cool project! A lot for the $5.95 investment :-)

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