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Monday, October 10, 2005
Q found a plump black caterpillar with white spiky spots. She saved it (its getting colder here at night) and put it into a plastic aerated container.

Surprise! It decided it was time to metamorphosize into a butterfly/moth/mothra (what ever it will be).

Right now we have a chrysalis. Pics below.

Here we see the caterpillar's home with him in it and some food and droppings.

Caterpillar Home

We next have a close up of the little guy. The caterpillar as metamorphosed into this chrysalis. If you bump his house, he moves! Its not a hard case that he is in.


Some learning resources on metapmorphosis are:

Milkweed Cafe
From Caterpillars to Butterflies: Life Cycles
Butterfly Unit - Life Cycles of Butterflies By Leslie Tetrault

A pdf at the Reading Public Museum site on Metamorphosis

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