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So many good people working to kill the bill

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Regarding the HONDA bill, I am slowly adding links to my blog list to the right (->). These sites have ALOT of information put together by lots of hard working people who are dedicated to getting the word out on this issue.

While public school kids have the NCLB Military Recruiting (Active Opt-out schenanigans) we have to deal with this HONDA bill thrusting the DODefense into our business.

This new link is great for learning more about this. Publis is doing an awesome job getting this info out there.

To steal a bit from her/his site, for an introduction here, see this:

"Section 10. Recruitment and Enlistment of Home-schooled students in the Armed Forces
Comments on Section 10 concerning enlistment in the military by homeschoolers are at The Military Homeschooler.

Main points are:
-- creation of homeschoolers as the only educational group outside of the Tier system, specified in public law concerning military enlistment

-- identification of qualified recruits are already spelled out without pinpointing homeschoolers

-- contradictory requirements concerning third-party verifiers of "homeschooling status"

-- homeschool grad must score at the 50th %ile, which is the current standard for holders of a GED certificate

-- proposed legislation states that homeschool curriculum will be patterned after "traditional secondary school," but the current law, which wouldn't be amended, requires 12-years of traditional graded schooling

-- the third-party verification letter of a graduate's "home-school status" is not an optional choice, but would be required."

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  • I'm glad to see your new post on the BILL. I had alot of positive feedback on your comment yesterday from friends and relatives on the story that was in the comments about the webring. Thanks for all your help.

    By Blogger Kara, at 12:02 PM  
  • Hey, its a no brainer! I am hoping that, before it is too late, more homeschooler-parents and older kids step up to the plate and, at the very least, write a few from-the-heart letters and phone calls.

    We ALL have a role to play in this.

    By Blogger nika, at 10:40 AM  
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