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Instant Immersion Japanese

Saturday, October 08, 2005
So Q has been learning Spanish and is starting to develop some oppositionality around it. I can appreciate that.

We aim to learn a variety of languages and to this end I have ordered our first software for learning Japanese. This should be great for a change of pace because we need to learn the Kana, which requires lots of artistic practice.

Instant Immersion Japanese


* Everything you need to learn Japanese fast
* 4 CD-ROM language-learning suite
* Interactive dialogues with native speakers and cultural videos
* Entertaining games, easy-to-follow lessons, quizzes that test your progress, and more
* Kanji reference source with Japanese-language online chat and surfing support

We adore all things Japanese and have been learning alot about the Japanese Tea Ceremony and have attended several ceremonies in Boston at the Kaji Aso Tea House.

We also got a book on the Tea Ceremony and have been reading up on it.

We hope to slowly collect tea items (have some lacquerware and some
tea caddies) and conduct some remote tea study.

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