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Dark, hidden, black-box math - its a good thing!

Friday, January 27, 2006
Ok, I admit that when I was in high school I wanted to be in all the clubs (just to say I did and it was a contest between me and my best friend - from what I vaguely remember, that was so long ago!). I joined just about everything. Science, Pente, Latin, Spanish, French, German, etc. I also joined Math club because 1) it was a club, and 2) I thought it would be good to buck up my math skills (also had several friends in it).

Anyways, the first thing the Math Club advisor does is give me a timed math test, a sheet filled with simple arithmetic and I realized that I was not going to like it. That sheet was so intimidating! I kept up with the club and went to competitions but those reminded me too much of swim team (on which I LIVED in high school and that was just a bit much) so I was not a long term Math Club member :-/.

I find myself now working with Q on sheets of math practice that are just as intimidating (but not timed!)

big math BEFORE

She has additional challenges that make it even more overwhelming than for me so we came up with a solution that is working for us, it might work for you!

Its simply a matter of cutting a small window out of a sheet of black construction paper and using that to mask the other problems. Now she powers through pages that took all day of agony before.

small math AFTER

This might seem like a gimmick but it works, Q doesnt feel like I am pulling the wool over her eyes, she knows that she was being distracted and she could not manage it. This way we both assert control!

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  • That's a great idea! I wish someone had shown me that when I was in school. I'll have to remember that for my boys.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 8:06 PM  
  • Yeah, give it a try! Even with this.. ADD can make math so hard for little ones.

    By Blogger nika, at 10:57 PM  
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