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Electrical Excitement

Sunday, January 22, 2006
We had a bit too much excitement on Saturday. Just after our supper chicken was put on to bake, the power went out. Sometimes our power flickers and comes back but Saturday it was out. Q and I went down to the road and saw that a huge tree had fallen on our power line. For the next 8 hours we went without power, our poor chicken had to be pitched, and Q's dad helped the police keep traffic from passing under the tree.

At 12 midnight the power came back on and the whole house sprang into bright light! We had to get up and turn them all off.

We are so very happy to have the power back!

Here are a few scenes from all of the excitement.

A picture, in the dark, of the downed tree.


We lit many candles to try to get some light so that the 2 year old wasnt too upset by it all.



Flash is a good thing. KD was running around in the dark, chasing cats.


Q comforted Fiesty and other cats.


The aftermath!



The tree was very large. As you can see where the stump is, the tree next to it was how big the fallen one was.


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