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Mobius Strip Fun

Monday, October 17, 2005

Wolfram Mobius World

Ants by M.C. Escher

The mobius sculpture at the FermiLab in Illinois.

In geometry, we have moved onto further discussions of multi-dimensional space. We have been using this great book called "The Shape of Space : How to visualize surfaces and three-dimensional manifolds" by Jeffrey Weeks. Klein bottles and other lovely diagrams fill the pages. Q and her dad even read it like a bed time story some nights.

One easy and hands-on way to observing/manipulating dimensions is by making a mobius strip and then playing with it, cutting it and see what happens to it’s topology.

Here are a few sites that can be helpful in your experimentation with this sort of topology.

Mobius Strip sites:

Mobius in the playground

Mobius at Zoom.com

Georgia Tech Mobius site

BBC mobius article

Wolfram Mathematics Encyclopedia

Klein Bottles:

Wolfram MathWorld Klein Bottle

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